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Some Ideas on What to Bring


The boats are warm and dry but Prince William Sound is the home of the worlds northernmost temperate rain forest. Good clothing will greatly enhance your outdoor enjoyment of the area.

  • Rubber boots (aka: the alaska tennis shoe). Need not be expensive and should be about mid-calf high. Should be comfortable to wear and walk in. These will probably be your principal footwear off the boats.


  • Good quality rain gear; pants and jacket. We use shells large enough to layer underneath for some of those colder locations, ie... sitting or kayaking in front of a tidewater glacier.


  • Layers. Pile or ‘fleece” is light weight, warm and dries fast.


  • Extra MED’s


  • Don’t forget the battery charger!


  • Bugs have to make a living too! We try to avoid them, but you should bring bug protection (clothing or chemicals) if you can’t use the off the shelf stuff.


Average temperatures June through August range in the 60’s although we’ve seen it swing from as low as the 40’s to up into the high 70’s. If you are traveling in spring or fall, plan on bringing some extra gear for warmth.

  Alaska what to pack? Warm gear keeps you comfortable in changeable conditions   Alaska what to pack for your cruise? Be prepared for all types of weather


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